Glossary Of Terms

The telecommunications industry is awash with abbreviations.  We have drawn together many of common terms you will find in the telecommunication industry and hope you find it useful.

Term Description Context
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ADR A-interface Data Record SS7 signalling
ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
AGCF Access Gateway Control Function
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
APN Access Point Number
APON ATM Passive Optical Network
ARPU Average Revenue Per User Finance
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 Data encoding
ASR Answer Seizure Ratio
ATA Analogue Terminal Adapter CM
ATM (1) Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM (2) Automated Teller Machine
AuC Authentication Centre 2G, 3G
BCD Binary Coded Decimal Data encoding
BEL Business Exchange Line
BGCF Border Gateway Control Function
BSC Base Station Controller 2G Voice
BSS Business Support System General
BSS Base Station System 2G Voice
BTS Base Transceiver Station 2G Voice
CAC Carrier Access Code
CAMEL Customised Application for Mobile Enhanced (network) Logic GSM
CAS Channel Associated Signalling Signalling
CCF Charging Control Function
CCN Charging Control Node
CCS Common Channel Signalling Signalling
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access Transmission
CDR Call Detail Record
CEM Customer Experience Management
Centrex CENTral EXchange
CF Call Forwarding Supplementary service
CFC Call Forwarding Conditional Supplementary service
CFU Call Forwarding Unconditional Supplementary service
CGW Charging Gateway
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing IP Address Range
CLIP Calling Line Identity Presentation Supplementary service
CLIR Calling Line Identity Restriction Supplementary service
CM Cable Modem
CMTS Cable Modem Termination System
COC CAMEL Originated Call
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPS Carrier Pre-Select
CRM Customer Relationship Management BSS
CSCF Call Session Control Function
CSD Circuit Switched Data
CSI Customer Satisfaction Index
CSP Communications Service Provider
CSV Comma Separated Variables
CTC CAMEL Terminating Call
CUG Closed User Group
D-Side Distribution Side MDF
DACCS Digital Access Cross Connect Switch
DASS2 Digital Access Signalling System 2 Signalling
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DDF Digital Distribution Frame
DDI Direct Dial Inbound
DEL Digital Exchange Line
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Broadband
DLE Digital Local Exchange Network element
DN Directory Number
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DPI Deep Packet Inspection
DPC Destination Point Code SS7 signalling
DPNSS Digital Private Network Signalling System
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
E-Side Equipment Side MDF
E0 64Kbit/s (1 x 64Kbis/s voice channels) PDH
E1 2Mbit/s (30 x 64Kbis/s voice channels) PDH
E2 8Mbit/s (4 x E1 2Mbit/s channels) PDH
E3 34Mbit/s (4 x E2 4Mbit/s channels) PDH
E4 140Mbit/s (4 x E3 32Mbit/s channels) PDH
EBC Element Based Charging Tariffs
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code Data encoding
EDGE Enhanced Date rate for GSM Evolution GSM
EDR Event Data Record
EDVA Embedded Digital Voice Adapter CM
EIR Equipment Identity Register GSM
EMY Emergency call
EPG Electronic Programme Guide
EPON Ethernet Passive Optical Network
ESME External Short Message Entity
eTOM enhanced Telecoms Operations Map TMForum
FAB Fulfilment, Assurance and Billing
FORW Forwarding call record
FSC ?? (fixed line subscription)
FSN File Sequence Number
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FUP Fair Usage Policy Data services
G-VPN Global Virtual Private Network
GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node 3G Data
GMSC Gateway Mobile Switching Centre 2G, 3G
GPON Gigabit Passive Optical Network
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GRX GPRS Roaming Exchange GSM
GSM Global System for Mobile GSM
GSMA GSM Association GSM
HDSL High bit rate Digital Subsciber Line
HFC Hybrid Fibre Coax
HLR Home Location Register GSM 3G
HNI Home Network Identity
HPMN Home Public Mobile Network
HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSS Home Subscriber Server GSM 4G
HUR High User Report Roaming
IAA Inter Administration Accounting Interconnect
ICS InterConnect Settlement
IDA Indirect Access
IDD International Direct Dialling
IGW Incoming Gateway Call record
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMS IP Multimedia Sub-system
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IN Intelligent Network
IN/SCP Intelligent Network Service Control Point Network element
IXP Internet eXchange Point Data services
IP Internet Protocol
IPDR Internet Protocol Data Record
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISUP ISDN User Part SS7 signalling
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IVR Interactive Voice Response (unit) Network element
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KQI Key Quality Indicator
LAN Local Access Network
LAN Local Area Network
LCS Location Service GSM
LDC Long Duration Call
LEN Line Equipment Number
LINX London INternet eXchange
LNP Local Number Portability
LSB Least Significant Byte (first)
LTE Long Term Evolution
LTU Line Termination Unit
M2M Machine to Machine
MAP Mobile Application Part SS7 signalling
MCC Mobile Country Code
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MGCF Media Gateway Control Function
MGW Media Gateway 4G
MME Mobiliy Management Entity 4G/LTE
MMS Multimedia Message
MMSC Multimedia Messaging Service Centre
MNC Mobile Network Code
MNO Mobile Network Operator
MNP Mobile Number Portability
MOC Mobile Originated Call
MoU Minutes of use
MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching
MSAN Multi Service Access Node
MSB Most Significant Byte (first)
MSC Mobile Switching Centre 2G, 3G
MSIN Mobile Station Identification Number
MSISDN Mobile Service ISDN (number)
MSS MSC Server 4G
MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number
MTC Mobile Terminated Call
MUX Multiplexer
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator
NACD Network Automatic Call Distribution
NAT Network Address Translation
NEM Network Element Manager
NGN Next Generation Network
NGN Non Geographic Number
NGOSS Next Generation Operations Support Systems
NMS Network Management System
NRN Network Routing Number Number portability
NRTRDE Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange Roaming
NSN Nokia Siemens Networks
NTS Number Translation Service
OFCOM Office of Communications - UK telecommunications regulator
OGW Outgoing Gateway call record
OICK Originating IN Category Key
OLO Other Licensed Operator
OM Operational Measures
OPC Originating Point Code
OSN Optical Service Node
OSS Operational Support System
OTAP Over The Air Provisioning
PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PBXO PBX Originating call
PBXT PBX Terminating call
PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDN Packet Data network
PDP Packet Data Protocol
PGW PDN Gateway 4G
PMN Public Mobile Network GSM
PMux Primary Multiplexer
POC PSTN Originating Call
POI Point Of Interconnect
POP Point Of Presence
POS Point Of Sale
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
PRS Premium Rate Service
PSD Packet Switch Data
PSDN Packed Switched Data Network
PSN Public Services Network
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PTC PSTN Terminating Call
PTT Post, Telegraph and Telephone service
PVR Personal Video Recorder
Q.931 Signalliing protocol
QoS Quality of Service
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RAEX Roaming Agree EXchange GSMA
RAMM Revenue Assurance Maturity Model TMForum
RAN Radio Access Network
RAP Returned Accounts Procedure
RAS Remote Access Service
RCF Roaming Call Forwarding
RCH Roaming Clearing House
PCRF Policy & Charging Rules Function 3G, 4G
RF Radio Frequency
RFI Request For Information
RFP Request For Proposal
RHE Regional Head End
RNC Radio Network Controller 3G Data
RNS Radio Network System 3G Data
ROAM Roaming call record
RSN Record Sequence Number
SAR Service Activation Request
SBC Session Border Controller
SCI Subscriber Controlled Input
SCP Service Control Point IN Node
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDP Service Domain Processor IN Node
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol
SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node 3G Data
SGW Serving Gateway 4G
SHDSL Symmetrical High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SID Shared Information and Data model TMForum
SIP Session Initiation Protocol Signalling
SIM Subscriber Identity Module
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMDR Station Message Detail Rcording
SMMO SMS Mobile Originated
SMMT SMS Mobile Terminated
SMP Service Management Platform
SMS Short Message Service
SNMP Simple Network Management Protoccol
SOA Service Orientated Architecture
SPOC Single Point Of Contact
SQL Structured Query Language
SQM Service Quality Management
SS Supplementary Service
SS7 Signalling System number 7
SSP Service Switching Point IN Node
STB Set Top Box
STM Synchronous Transfer Mode SDH
STM-1 155Mbit/s (63 x 2Mbit/s channels) SDH
STM-4 622Mbit/s (4 x STM-1 155Mbit/s channels) SDH
STM-16 2.5Gbit/s (4 x STM-4 622Mbit/s channels) SDH
STM-32 10Gbit/s (4 x STM-16 2.5Gbit/s channels) SDH
STP Signalling Transfer Point IN Node
TADIG Transferred Account Data Interchange Group GSM
TAM Telecoms Application Map
TAP Transferred Account Procedure
TBCD Telephony Binary Coded Decimal Data encoding
TCG Test Call Generation
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TMBS Total Metering and Billing System Regulatory
TMF Telemanagement Forum
TON Type Of Number
UDR Usage Data Record
UML Unified Modelling Language
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
VAS Value Added Service
VDSL Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
VLAN Virtual LAN
VLR Visitor Location Register
VMS Voice Mail System
VNO Virtual Network Operator
VOC Voice Over Cable
VOD Video On Demand
VoIP Voice Over IP
VoLTE Voice Over LTE
VPMN Visited Public Mobile Network Mobile roaming
VPN Virtual Private Network
VS Voucher Server
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
xDR Any type of Data Record e.g. CDR, EDR
XML eXtended Markup Language