RA Training

A Revenue Assurance training programme for managers, supervisors and analysts, providing a comprehensive overview of current revenue risks and controls, emerging issues in mobile services and technologies together with simple but effective techniques for reducing revenue assurance risk for telecom professionals.
This Revenue Assurance training course provides attendees with comprehensive foundation course in revenue assurance operations by providing unique insights into the operational realities of revenue assurance management in Telecoms operations.
It introduces attendees to tools and practical techniques at each stage of the revenue assurance lifecycle that they can apply to address revenue and cost assurance issues within their own organisation.
Attendees will work with a recognised industry leader in this field with many years of revenue assurance experience around the world. They will engage in practical, on-line exercises simulating real world revenue assurance issues, thus having the opportunity to perfect the techniques that are taught during the course enabling them to participate effectively within their teams.
Topics covered include:

  • What causes revenue leakage and how operators should respond
  • The organisational framework for revenue risk management and revenue assurance
  • Practical techniques for reducing revenue leakage
  • What can be done to prevent loss from occuring in the first place
  • The practical techniques available for assessing leakage risks in new products and services